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Sports Lovers Bundle

Save 10% on this muscle & joint relieving duo. Meet this game-changing bundle for recovery after workout. Soothe sore muscles and unwind with our two best-selling CBD formulas.

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  • Lab Tested
  • USA Hemp
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

How to Use:

CBD Sports Cream: You will need to apply a small amount to the area causing you discomfort. CBD Sports Cream is an excellent solution for sore muscles after a hard workout and get you ready for your next training session!

Organic CBD Gummies: We recommend incorporating one daily gummy into your daily routine or as needed. Our premium gummies provide a great-tasting, convenient alternative for your fitness routine. The benefits of this discreet way of consuming CBD can help you manage everyday stress, relax and unwind without losing your focus; it also supports a deeper and more restful sleep for recovery and reduces exercise-induced inflammation.