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Questions About CBD and Hemp

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What is CBD?

CBD oil is a natural oil extracted from the flowers of the hemp plant. Unlike almost any other manufacturer on the CBD market, we do not use leaves, stalks, seeds, or stems. We only utilize cannabinoid-rich hemp flowers to create our premium CBD-rich oil. Most importantly, we use PCR hemp, which stands for phytocannabinoid-rich hemp. PCR hemp yields much higher CBD concentrations which is almost ten times more than generic industrial hemp and trace amounts of THC. 

What is a cannabinoid?

Cannabinoids are active compounds in hemp plants like CBD and THC, called phytocannabinoids. Similarly, humans and animals also produce cannabinoids within the endocannabinoid system (ECS); which are endocannabinoids. ECS is powered by the interaction of endocannabinoids with ECS receptors. Plant-derived cannabinoids like CBD can also interact with ECS receptors and play a role in various processes, including homeostasis.

What are terpenes?

Terpenes are naturally occurring chemical compounds in all plants, with hemp being no exception. Terpenes are located in the trichomes of the hemp plant and enrich each strain with distinct aromas and flavors. Even though the taste and smell of hemp are what we usually attribute to terpenes, they have other roles in the overall experience with hemp. 


Firstly, terpenes are an essential part of the "entourage effect" – a famous theory suggests that multiple hemp compounds work better together than isolated hemp elements. This means that pure cannabinoids wouldn't be able to provide the same effects as full or broad-spectrum products with terpenes. Moreover, terpenes boost the absorption and effectiveness of cannabinoids, including CBD.

Like other hemp compounds, terpenes can affect endocannabinoid receptors in ECS and play a role in how much cannabinoids pass through the blood-brain barrier. They can also promote the production of neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin.

What is the endocannabinoid system?

The endocannabinoid system, more commonly known as the ECS, is a network of neurotransmitters and cell membrane receptors located throughout the human body. The central nervous system produces neurotransmitters like endocannabinoids, which interact with cannabinoid receptors on cell membranes to regulate certain physiological activities. 

What does the endocannabinoid system support?

Research suggests the ECS can help regulate critical bodily functions such as stress, appetite, sensation, mood, energy, metabolism, skin function, etc.

What is the entourage effect, and how does it work?

Broad and full spectrum hemp-derived products have a range of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other helpful compounds. Each compound interacts with the body's endocannabinoid system to produce different effects. The combination of substances offers maximum benefits compared to the outcomes produced by only one individual compound. The entourage effect is a term that describes this phenomenon.

Where does your hemp come from?

The hemp used in our CBD products is sourced and grown in the United States. We are using the highest-quality strains cultivated by caring farmers across the country.

What is hemp seed oil?

Hemp seed oil is made by pressing the seeds from the hemp plant. It's produced like other plant-based oils and does not contain cannabinoids like CBD and delta-nine-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The compounds found in our high-quality CBD oil are extracted only from the plant's flowers and not the seeds.

What Is CBD Isolate?

CBD Isolate is pure, which means purified CBD contains no other hemp-derived compounds like cannabinoids. CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD with no additives besides CBD molecules. It comes either in odorless and flavorless powder or in a crystalline solid-state, both contain 99% CBD.

CBD isolate lacks the beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids required for the entourage effect. 

What's the difference between hemp-derived CBD and marijuana-derived CBD?

Both marijuana and hemp contain compounds such as CBD and delta-nine-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The primary difference between the two plants is the THC concentration or potency. Hemp is produced with no more than 0.3 percent THC but can contain various other compounds like CBD and is federally legal in the U.S. However, marijuana-derived CBD can have high levels of THC and isn't currently legal.

Marijuana and hemp both belong to the cannabis plant family, but in the United States, only hemp is federally legal. 

Are CBD Products Safe to Use? Is it possible to overdose?

CBD is generally safe for most consumers and is not considered lethal or addictive. Although it's possible to experience drowsiness after consuming a generous amount of CBD, it will not be harmful to the consumer. However, there are some health risks for those who inhale products such as dried flowers and vapes.

It's also crucial to consider the quality of the product you purchase. Reputable suppliers will provide a Certificate of Analysis (COA) to consumers, usually available online. You can find the COA for each product on our website or access them by scanning the QR code on each product's label. So get peace of mind and shop with confidence at Kamelia Wellness

What results can I expect from using CBD products?

The results you will experience from using CBD will significantly depend on the product formulation, personal genetics, tolerance, and similar factors. The endocannabinoid system influences many essential bodily functions, making CBD oil versatile for anyone's wellness plan. Potential benefits reported by CBD oil users include improved mood, restful sleep, increased attention, focus, relaxation, relief and others.

CBD's Impact on Mood

Many consumers use CBD to improve mood and support its stability. Research suggests CBD might impact endocannabinoid levels and promote anandamide production and serotonin uptake in the brain. Serotonin is usually referred to as the "happy molecule" because of its positive effect on mood.

Usually, when a person has a low mood, they have low serotonin levels. In contrast, increased serotonin amounts can promote well-being. Therefore, CBD can indirectly affect mood through anandamide production.

CBD's Effects On Sleep

Improved sleep is another common reason consumers take CBD oil. It's no secret that lack of sleep can negatively impact every aspect of our lives, including mood, relationships, and overall health, and nobody wants that – especially wellness enthusiasts. CBD helps to support a good night’s rest by interacting with ECS receptors and promoting balance.


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What is the CBD content of your products?

The potency of our premium CBD products can vary. The specific CBD concentrations in each product are indicated on the product label. In addition, all of our products undergo third-party laboratory testing to ensure safety and quality.

What does THC Free mean?

In the CBD industry, 0.0% THC means there are no detectable levels of THC. CBD products that are listed as 0.0% THC are called broad-spectrum.

Is THC present in your products?

No, our broad-spectrum CBD products are formulated using a proprietary method and are certified to contain 0.0 percent THC. Full-spectrum products will contain traces of THC but no more than the lawfully allowed amount < 0.3 percent. Each batch is third-party lab-tested to ensure it meets federal standards.

What extraction methods do we use to make our formulations?

Our full-spectrum and broad-spectrum products feature CBD acquired through a proprietary extraction method, without harsh chemicals or solvents used in the process. This method preserves the chemical compounds in the plant to produce high-quality products for our customers. Learn more.

How are our CBD products tested, and does this analysis detect purity and potency?

We rely on third-party, independent analysis to give our consumers confidence. Third-party laboratories test each product for unwanted contaminants such as pesticides, heavy metals, molds, etc. Test results also verify each product's cannabinoid profile, ensuring that we provide safe and consistent products to adult consumers in the U.S.

Where can I find the lab results?

You can find the Certificate of Analysis (COA) for each product on our website.

Are your products made from organic ingredients?

Yes, we offer products that are USDA-certified organic. The hemp used in our products grows using natural methods, and the products combine it with other organic ingredients.

Are your CBD products vegan-friendly?

Many of our premium CBD products are vegan friendly. We look forward to offering a full vegan-friendly line sometime in the future.

Are your products cruelty-free?

Yes, they are cruelty-free. None of our CBD products have been tested on animals.

Is there a shelf life for CBD?

Cannabinoids, including CBD, can degrade over time but do not have an expiry date. Many of our products are shelf-stable for 18-months. Please refer to the product expiration date for more information.

What is the best way to store CBD products?

You should keep CBD products in a sealed container in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.


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Is a doctor's certification (RX) or medical cannabis card required to purchase hemp-derived CBD products?

No medical card is needed to purchase CBD products online. Hemp-derived CBD products are federally legal for adult consumption in the United States. However, some states have banned the sale of these products.

Why should I choose hemp-derived CBD over medical cannabis?

Using CBD products will help consumers avoid the unwanted psychoactive effects of THC, which some may prefer. In addition, getting certified for medical cannabis can sometimes be a barrier, so CBD products are also considered the more convenient option.

Is it possible for CBD to interact with other medications?

More scientific research is needed before hemp and its derivatives can be deemed completely safe. Although there is a risk of potential drug interactions, you should consult your doctor for more information.


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What is the expected delivery time?

Our standard shipping within the U.S. is 3 to 8 business days. We will provide you with a tracking number via email. Do not hesitate to get in touch with if you require assistance.

What is your return policy?

We offer a 30-day return policy, which means you have 30 days to request a return after receiving your goods. To begin a return, please email

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