I am Kamelia and this is my story.

I discovered CBD on a personal search to balance my body and mind in the middle of an overwhelming situation. When I discovered CBD, it worked wonders to restore my vitality and balance. I am a firm believer in the power of natural alternatives. Kamelia Wellness was born from the desire to spread the word about the powerful benefits of CBD to help promote overall wellness.

Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Our mission is to produce premium CBD products. We have partnered with the top experts in this industry to achieve clean and premium hemp-derived phytocannabinoids. We ensure that every ingredient used is carefully sourced and lab tested for quality and efficacy, including a line of USDA Certified Organic CBD. In addition, we are committed to sustainability at all stages. From growing, formulating, bottling into recyclable containers to reducing our environmental impact.

Today, millions of people realize the importance of living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. They are choosing to practice healthy habits on a daily basis to achieve better physical and mental health outcomes.

Our vision is to be a natural, healthy, safe, and effective choice through our premium CBD products and customer care. Our premium CBD products are focused on helping you regain vitality in your body and mind to achieve optimal wellness and ensure positive interactions with others.

Backstory: Female Founder

For Kamelia, everything starts and ends with her family and loved ones. She credits them for helping her become the passionate entrepreneur she is today. Her father taught her about the importance of personal growth, and financial literacy. He is a talented salesman who eventually opened his own business, setting an example for her.

Her formal education is in industrial relations and business administration. This is where she developed a foundation for employment relations, best practices, and other business fundamentals. She has worked as a salesperson and marketing agent. Kamelia is a person who is always striving for more, setting her sights on opening an e-commerce business dedicated to helping improve people's wellness.

Kamelia believes success is found when you step outside of your comfort zone, which is why her personal development hasn't slowed down. She learned about creating the life she wants through insight seminars and believes in the philosophy of Kaizen. This is a way of life that allows her to embrace the spirit of continuous improvement. To round out her abilities, Kamelia has also become a Reiki Master.


As a serial entrepreneur, Kamelia has leveraged strategies that have helped her succeed in business. Principles such as knowing your consumer, empowering others, being honest and the ethical in all business and personal dealings. She learned the importance of making decisions based on facts, not letting opinion and anecdotal information influence her. This has led her into making decisions that align with her intuition. It's also important to Kamelia to learn and partner with only the most accomplished professionals.

  • The books which have influenced Kamelia include:

    Conversations WITH GOD.

    The Four Agreements.

    The Secret.

    The Silva Mind Control Method.

Uncharted Territory

Her discovery of CBD during recent world events also prompted her to start an ecommerce business in the CBD industry. Feeling that CBD was effective for her during this difficult time, she wanted to share her experience with others. She was finding her purpose by providing access to federally legal hemp-derived products such as CBD, using her business as an opportunity to help others profoundly. Kamelia Wellness was born by mixing Kamelia's passion for natural alternatives with her desire to help others.

Breaking Stereotypes and Empowering Consumers

The true potential of CBD is not fully understood, mostly due to past prohibition. CBD is known to have many wellness benefits, but what's not mentioned are the benefits society experiences from legalization. There are economic, health, and wellness factors to consider.

Kamelia agrees with other industry professionals that education and awareness campaigns are the best tools to reduce unnecessary stigma toward adult consumers. Teaching the public how to consume CBD and hemp-derived products responsibly and safely is key to winning over mainstream society. In addition, seeing the subject of social equity as a worthwhile movement, lending her voice to the community and advocating for equal opportunity for all races and genders.

A Role Model for Wellness

A major objective for this fempreneur is to provide high-quality CBD products to adult consumers in the most transparent and sincere way. Kamelia is here to guide you on your journey! Get help achieving your optimal health and wellness with premium Broad and Full Spectrum CBD products from Kamelia Wellness.

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