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How Much CBD Should You Take? A Personalized Guide

Navigating the world of CBD can be both exciting and a bit overwhelming, especially when it comes to knowing how much to take. Whether you're new to CBD or looking to refine your routine, understanding how much to take is key to maximizing the benefits. In this guide, we’ll explore how to personalize your CBD regimen with our Kamelia Wellness products, including our CBD gummies, Delta-9 THC gummies, and CBD oil tinctures.

CBD Gummies

Our Organic Strawberry Lemonade flavored 10mg CBD gummies are a delightful way to introduce CBD into your daily wellness routine.

  • As a newbie, begin with one gummy per day. Each gummy contains a precise 10mg of CBD, making it easy to track your intake.
  • After a week, assess how you feel. Consider taking an additional gummy if you want to see a greater effect.
  • Remember, everyone's body responds differently to CBD. It's all about finding the strength that works best for you.

Delta-9 THC Gummies

Delta-9 THC offers a different, more potent experience. If you are new to THC, consider starting with a smaller amount. We offer two varieties: 5mg Delta-9 Tropical Fruit gummies and 10mg Delta-9 Blackberry Lime gummies.

  • Our 5 mg Delta-9 THC Tropical fruit gummies have a higher concentration of CBD relative to THC. This ratio is ideal for those seeking a milder experience. If this is your first time trying Delta-9 THC, consider taking half a gummy instead of a full one.
  • Our 10 mg Delta-9 Blackberry Lime gummies offer a potent and stronger effect. Start with half a gummy to gauge your tolerance.
  • Increase your intake slowly, and always wait for at least 2 hours to feel the full effects before considering taking more.

CBD Oil Tinctures

Our Broad spectrum Fresh Mint CBD oil  and Full spectrum Tropical Sunset CBD oil offer increased flexibility and a more direct approach to CBD consumption.

  • Start with a half dropper once a day. Hold the oil under your tongue for 30-60 seconds before swallowing for maximum absorption.
  • If you're new to full-spectrum products, which contain trace amounts of THC, consider starting with a quarter dropper once a day.

Additional Tips

Increase Your Serving Size Slowly
If after a couple of weeks you don't notice the desired effects, consider slowly increasing the amount of CBD per serving. Start with a small amount and gradually increase your intake to find the right balance for your body.

Foods that Boost Absorption
To enhance the effectiveness of CBD and Delta-9 gummies, take them with a full meal. On the other hand, taking CBD and Delta-9 on an empty stomach can help you experience the effects more quickly but they might not last as long. Certain foods can also improve absorption and extend the effects:

  • Fatty Foods: Including avocados, dark chocolate, fatty meats and fish, nuts, and seeds.
  • Healthy Oils: Such as olive, sesame, coconut, and MCT oil.
  • Dairy Products: Cheese and butter.

CBD & Delta-9 THC Tolerance Considerations

Regular use can lead to tolerance. If you find the effects diminishing, consider taking tolerance breaks or slightly increasing the amount of CBD per serving. However, always do so cautiously and listen to your body.

Customizing your CBD routine is a personal journey. It’s important to start slowly, be patient, and pay attention to how your body responds. Consistency and mindfulness are key when exploring the benefits of CBD.

Kamelia Wellness is here to support you every step of the way with quality products and guidance. Click here to explore our lineup of premium CBD wellness products and discover the right starting point for you!

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